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2012-11-01 07:46:09 by SyobolicalEvil

Very recently, I was banned for trolling.
A chat mod called TurkeyOnAStick banned me for asking a maths question.
I asked the same question on Mathematics club, but that does not mean that I am trolling.
He had it in for me, and just looked for a petty excuse to ban me, to make himself feel better, because he didn't understand the question.
This makes me wonder about the mods of Newgrounds, and ultimately, how mature they are, dealing with a situation.
TurkeyOnAStick is simply too stupid, I guess, to be mature about an adult situation.

EDIT: I was unbanned 20 seconds later.
What a douche.

RE-EDIT: Never say the above.
I've been banned for a day now.


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2012-11-01 09:24:29

"EDIT: I was unbanned 20 seconds later.
What a douche."
Sorry, I've reapplied it. It'll last for a day now.


You have no idea what you're talking about here, you called a manifold a "shape" and you have no idea what homeomorphic means. Yet you enter the room and expect people to answer it for you? Naff off.

Not to mention the other instances I've caught you getting on other people's tits in chat.

(Updated ) SyobolicalEvil responds:

Actually, if you'd payed some attention, you'd know that I did't call a manifold a 'shape'
And it's not even any of you business if I know or not.
You can't ban people for knowing something that you don't.


2012-11-01 09:34:51

I also know what conjecture means.

SyobolicalEvil responds:

You really think I care?


2012-11-01 10:12:34

Lol, newsposts. The best place to come for a one-sided fight.


2012-11-01 18:51:50

Also the best place to come if you want to laugh at idiots bawwing over bans.

*points and laughs*

SyobolicalEvil responds:

That's to be expected.


2012-12-05 01:28:21

Rule 1 of being a troll: Don't say you are a troll!

SyobolicalEvil responds: